Peace Spectrum Package Set


4 Pc Spectrum Drumset in Spun Metal Colour (illustration only)


Different strokes for different folks goes the old saying. To make sure that drummers of all strips and persuasions can get behind a kit with the sound and look that expresses their individual taste and style. The spectrum of musical styles in the world is not unlike a rainbow - pretty much everything under the sun is in the air, ancient to the future - folk, pop, and classical traditions in pure form or recombined into a new sonic cocktail. The bold look of the series is enhanced by ball and socket tom mounts, and crescent mounts allow the toms to achieve their truest tonality from the 9 ply mahogany/maple shells.



  • 9 ply maple/mahogany shells

  • Crescent mounts - non-protruding toms

  • Package Price include pedal, cymbals, delivery & Setup



Configuration (Complete 5 pc set)

Bass Drum 22" x 18" 16 Lug,
floor tom 14" x 12" 16 Lug,
tom tom 12" x 9" 12 Lug,
tom tom 10" x 8" 12 Lug,
snare drum 14" x 5.5" 8 Lug,
HS-690 hi-hat stand,
SS-690 snare stand,
BS-690 cymbal boom stand,
P5910 Bass Drum Pedal

Drum Throne

Alchemy MS-X 2 pc Cymbal Set (Hi-Hat, Crash Cymbal)


7 Pc Spectrum Drumset in Artic Blue Colour (illustration only)

Item Buy Now Nett Price
Spectrum (Spun Metal), price includes delivery


S$ 1,080.00

Spectrum (Wine Red), price includes delivery

S$ 1,080.00

Spectrum (Artic Blue), price includes delivery

S$ 1,080.00

Setup & Tuning


S$ 40.00

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