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X-3 Bee-Bopp


The X-3 Bee-Bopp is the result of a combination of components. You may wonder why the toms and bass drum are often bundled together on multi-tom stands if each is meant to sing independently. X-3 is the answer. Rather than stiffling the drum's true character by mounting it on bass drums or multi-tom stands, each maple shell is mounted on its own stand. Tone is enhanced further with our crescent suspension mount and improved arial lock tom arms. X-3 comes complete with Arena 800 series hardware.


Lifted bass drum with DA-143



X-3 Bee-Bopp (Strawberry Fields)


Configuration (Maple Shell)


Bass drum 18"x16"

Floor tom 14"X12"

Tom tom 12"X8"

Snare drum 14"X5.5"

Snare stand SS-610,

Hi-hat stand HS-7910,

Straight/Boom stand CBSS-710,

TSS-610 Tom single stand,

DA-143 Kick Lift Bass drum Height Adjustment

exclude cymbals and bass drum pedal


Item Buy Now Nett Price

X-3 Bee-Bopp (Iceburn Sparkle)


S$ 1,410.00

X-3 Bee-Bopp (Strawberry Fields)


S$ 1,410.00

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