Pintech PC Cymbal Package

PC Cymbals




The PC cymbals are rigid with a totally natural feel and sensitivity.

With an acoustic look and feel, the PC Series electronic cymbals mount on standard cymbal stands/arms. This trigger cymbal features a quiet playing surface, excellent tracking, and superior dynamics.  Aquarian cymbal spring keeps the cymbal from spinning, while allowing "play through.


*Due to the increased rigidity of these cymbals, they are prone to break if subjected to heavy hitters.  Heavy hitters should invest in the unbreakable VisuLite line.

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Pintech PC Cymbal Package

PC14-2 - Dual Zone crash w/ choke
PC14HH - 14" Single Zone Hi-Hat pair for acoustic stand (includes controller)
PC16B Ride with bell

Cymbal Springs


*Requires Hi Hat Stand, 2 Cymbal arms/stands and clamps which are not included.


S$ 680.00

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