Pintech Trigger Perfect Package

Tom Trigger                                            Snare Trigger


Bass Drum Trigger

A step forward in drum trigger design.  In addition to containing all user-replaceable parts, the Trigger Perfect triggers implements a patented piezo arrangement. This arrangement allows for 25 times less surface area to touch the head when compared to like triggers, while still retaining the high degree of sensitivity and precise tracking that has made Trigger Perfect the best drum triggers available in the world. A durable, high-quality trigger at an unbeatable price!
For years, the Trigger Perfect line of professional acoustic drum triggers have been preferred by many of the world's leading drummers and recording engineers.  They all drum rims, including those drums fitted with the R.I.M.S. mounting system

They don't call it Trigger Perfect for nothing

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Pintech Trigger Perfect 5 Piece Package


3 units of Toms Trigger (210AP)

1 unit of Snare Trigger (210AP-S)

1 unit of Bass Drum Trigger (250-BD)



S$ 710.00

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