Pintech E-Jam with Roland TD-3 Module


An all new Pintech rack for 2005 allows excellant positioning of the snare and floor tom on this 5-piece all SilenTech mesh kit. Four dual zone ConcertCast pads for a snare and three toms, each with rim triggering capabilities. The PC series cymbals have natural swing and can be mounted on the Aquarian cymbal springs included in the kit. The 14" crash has a programmable edge zone that chokes, the 16" ride has a seperate active bell area that will also choke.


Roland TD-3 Electronic Drum Module Features include:


  • 114 new, high-quality drum and percussion sounds arranged into 32 Drum kits configuration,

  • Nine trigger inputs, making it possible to add more pads

  • Built-in Metronome for practicing or Performing uses

  • Mix-in Jack allows you to practice with an external audio source (ie.CD player or MP3 Player)

  • Coach Mode comes with a unique set of exercise specifically designed to help build speed, accuracy, and stamina, and to develop better timing skills

  • MIDI In and Out lets you to connect to sequencers and more

  • Function as a MIDI Sound Module and MIDI Controller



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Pintech E-Jam with Roland TD-3 Module


S$ 2,950.00

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