Pintech E-Session with Roland TD-3 Module

The E-Session is packed with possibilities, Including 2 10" dual zone ConcertCast toms, and a 12" ConcertCast dual zone floor tom. The snare is a 12" ConcertCast mounted on an adjustable boom. Three dual zone Zenbal series cymbals include a 14" crash, 10" hi-hat both with programmable edge with choke capability. The 14" ride has a programmable bell area that also chokes. The bass is a 10" upright ConcertKick with matching SilentRim like the toms and snare. The rack is of road worthy all steel construction, and includes all necessary clamps and cables.


Roland TD-3 Electronic Drum Module Features include:


  • 114 new, high-quality drum and percussion sounds arranged into 32 Drum kits configuration,

  • Nine trigger inputs, making it possible to add more pads

  • Built-in Metronome for practicing or Performing uses

  • Mix-in Jack allows you to practice with an external audio source (ie.CD player or MP3 Player)

  • Coach Mode comes with a unique set of exercise specifically designed to help build speed, accuracy, and stamina, and to develop better timing skills

  • MIDI In and Out lets you to connect to sequencers and more

  • Function as a MIDI Sound Module and MIDI Controller



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Pintech E-Session with Roland TD-3 Module


S$ 4,150.00

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