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Material: B20

Finish: Brilliant

Pitch: High

Type: Professional



Professional Regular Hi-Hat          back to top


Solid stick definition with a silvery 'chick' perfect for all musical situations.


14" S$410.00   


Professional Rock Hi-Hat          back to top


Sharp and cutting, clean stick definition and a roaring sound when played open.


14" S$410.00   



Professional Medium Crash     back to top


full crisp and rich sound with bright response

16" S$250.00   



Professional Rock Crash     back to top


bright, cutting and strong: fast response with a full bodied sound.


16" S$250.00  




Professional Power X Crash     back to top


The larger, unlathed bell and unlathed center combined with a heavier weight give this series a fuller, louder attack with a more controlled sustain.


16" S$250.00   


18" S$300.00  




Professional Medium Ride          back to top


Bright and controlled stick definition with medium spread: a clean, powerful bell, highly versatile.


20" S$390.00


Professional Splash          back to top


Smooth, very direct and clear


8" S$120.00


10" S$150.00




PRO ART (Pro Alchemy Radical Technology)

Material: B20

Shape: Mid-profile

Finish: Brilliant

Pitch: High

Type: Semi-professional


Pro ART Hi-Hat         back to top


Focused responses. Clean stick definition

14" S$270.00


Link to sound clip 1



Pro ART Crash          back to top


Solid definition and full-bodied responses.

18" S$190.00


Link to sound clip 1



Pro ART Ride      back to top


Tonal sensitivity and dynamics. Hot riding with a powerful bell.

20" S$240.00 


Link to sound clip 1



Pro ART Splash         back to top


Glossy, bright and fast.

10" S$90.00 


A.R.T (Alchemy Radical Technology)

Material: B8

Shape: High-profile

Finish: Brilliant

Pitch: High

Type: Entry Level


ART HiHat         back to top


Strong, bright and cutting. Definite stick response.


ART Crash          back to top.


Quick and sharp. Explosive.


ART Ride          back to top


Focused and Bright. Clean stick definition.


ART Splash          back to top


Fast and Penetrating




ART Cymbal Set          back to top

Perfectly selected cymbal set includes ART Series 20" ride, 16" crash, 14" hi-hat and free deluxe cymbal bag.

S$ 480.00 


Material: Brass

Type: Entry Level


MSX Cymbal Set          back to top

Machine made Brass Cymbals


3 PC SET S$320.00

14" Hi Hat

16" Crash

20" Ride


2 Pc Set S$180.00

14" Hi Hat

16" Crash



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