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Istanbul Cymbals own B20 formulation, the most musical alloy ever, Istanbul Agop alloy, is a traditional Turkish mixture that is the result of many centuries of old fashioned, hand-crafted cymbal making which has been handed down and refined by several generations of Master Cymbalsmiths.


Use a HEADPHONE to get the best represented cymbal recordings.


Sultans are the kings. Why the stripes? They provide the sounds of both the Natural and Dark. The dry, unlathed Turk part limits the sustain, controlling the sound without sacrificing the natural feel and also provides multiple, distinct sticking sounds. The Sultan, just as its name implies, will rule your setup with its versatility and unique sound. The Sultans will sound excellent in any context, from Jazz to Fusion to Heavy Rock.

Prototype: 1986

Production Date: 1987

Designed By: Oksant Tomurcuk

Handcrafted By: Agop Tomurcuk


Sultan HiHat          back to top

Warm and focused sound with a clean stick definition

14" S$410.00   

Sultan Crash          back to top

Full, soft and colorful. Perfect combination of smoothness and sensitivity.

16" S$250.00   

17" S$270.00 

18" S$300.00 


Sultan Ride         back to top

Open and smooth. Full-bodied responses. Controlled spreading. Nice bell definition for all round use.

20" S$390.00   

Raw and natural. Inspired by the masses. Designed for those who seek something honest, untamed and unrefined, yet exuding class. There is no lathing to soften the complex sounds created by one man and several thousand hammer hits.

Prototype: 1984

Production Date: 1985

Designed By: Agop Tomurcuk

Handcrafted By: Agop Tomurcuk


Turk Crash


Dry and raw. Trashy responses.


16" S$250.00   


Turk Jazz Ride


Dark characteristics with a smooth dry sound.


20" S$390.00   


Traditionally lathed at the edges with progressively more open lathing moving toward the center provides a combination of tight sticking and a cutting high end. Thin and musical, the Empire series is powerful yet subtle and works well in most musical situation.

Prototype: 1991

Production Date: 1992

Designed By: Sarkis Tomurcuk

Handcrafted By: Sarkis Tomurcuk


Empire Hi Hat 14"


Full, rich and bright with tight stick responses.


14" S$410.00   



Empire Ride 21"


Clear stick definition and a clean bell sound. Musical.


21" S$430.00    




The Pasha series is bright and powerful. The combination of a lathed top and unlathed underside provide a unique combination of tight sticking strong projection. The roughly lathed edges help to softly control the deeper overtones, allowing them to ring musically. The end result is a cymbal that is tight and controlled yet remarkably powerful.

Prototype: 1988

Production Date: 1989

Designed By: Sarkis Tomurcuk

Handcrafted By: Sarkis Tomurcuk



Pasha Hi Hat 14"


Bright and tight stick definition. Full and powerful characteristic.


14" S$410.00   



Pasha Ride 20"


Loud and strong with a cutting bell. Partly lathed edge adds extra power


21" S$430.00 



Cymbal Bag          back to top

Deluxe Istanbul Cymbal Bag worth S$100/- is yours for free for purchase of 1 complete set of Istanbul Custom Cymbals  (ie 1 crash, 1 ride, 1 pair of Hi Hat).





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