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Istanbul Cymbals own B20 formulation, the most musical alloy ever, Istanbul Agop alloy, is a traditional Turkish mixture that is the result of many centuries of old fashioned, hand-crafted cymbal making which has been handed down and refined by several generations of Master Cymbalsmiths.



Use a HEADPHONE to get the best represented cymbal recordings.






Mel Lewis was Istanbul Agop's first endorser. After his death in 1990 and with the blessing of his family, Mel's chosen cymbals were flown back to Istanbul's factory and used as models for what would become his Signature Series. Every detail of every individual cymbal has been taken in with exacting detail and replicated by the hands of Istanbul Agop's cymbalsmiths. These cymbals are our way of paying tribute to Mel's legacy in the best way we know how.

Prototype: 1986

Production Date: 1987

Designed By: Mel Lewis

Handcrafted By: Agop Tomurcuk





Mel Lewis Hi-Hat          back to top

Warm, full-bodied sound. Soft and washy stick responses.

14" S$460.00   



Mel Lewis Ride      back to top


Dark and warm sound characteristic with a woody stick definition



21" S$ 470.00      






Mel Lewis 1982 Ride          back to top


Full sounding ride with definite sticking.


20" S$440.00    





Mel Lewis Crash Ride          back to top


Full sounding ride with definite sticking.


19" S$390.00  


The most original cymbal Istanbul Agop ever made. The master cymbalsmith Agop Tumurcuk lived a life dedicated to hand made craftsmanship and innovation in cymbal design. His small notebook has so many secrets that he only shared with himself, and these cymbals are made according to exacting specifications. Crafted with only the vintage hammers, lathing tools and other equipment from the 1960s, Istanbul Agop are proud to call these cymbals the Agops. They were the last project of his life. The Agop Signature Series are extremely dark, trashy and complex.

Prototype: 2000

Production Date: 2001

Designed By: Agop Tomurcuk

Handcrafted By: Sarkis & Agop Tomurcuk



Agop Ride          back to top


Ultra dark sound, dry stick definition with warm undertones. Mellow crashride capabilities.


* Each Agop signature cymbal comes with legendary green logo and its own serial number stamped on top.


19" $390.00 


20" S$440.00   



The Idris Muhammad Signature Ride was developed in collaboration with Idris and our Master Cymbalsmiths in Istanbul, Turkey.

These qualities, combined with the Cymbal's larger, proportionally thicker bell give this Idris's new signature ride all of the dynamic range and muicallity that Idris himself is famous for.



Idris Muhammad Signature Ride

The 22" Ride is medium-heavy in weight, and features an unlathed, brushed underside and special hammering techniques and which further accentuate the cymbal's dry and dark qualities.

22" S$530.00     



The Cindy Blackman OM Series was designed in conjunction with Cindy to capture the vibier, more dynamic cymbal sounds for the golden era of Jazz. The 22" ride has a clear, slightly metallic stick due to the unique blue/black finishing and intense hammering, and features a dry, trashy crash sound. The 15" Hi Hats are low, dark and trashy, with a clear click and a dark and mellow wash. Crashes are paper thin, with an explosive attach and a quick decay. The 20" makes a dynamic, yet powerful and versatile left side or crash/ride.


Cindy Blackman OM Series

15" Hi Hat S$530.00  



Cindy Blackman OM Series

16" Crash S$280.00  

18" Crash S$360.00  

20" Crash S$470.00



Cindy Blackman OM Series

22" Ride S$540.00  




The Special Edition series are designed to capture the desirable qualities of our two most sought after Jazz cymbals, the Mel Lewis and Agop Signature Series. Combing a unique, vintage lathing pattern on the top with a very light, Agop Signature style lathing on the underside with a unique finishing proecss, the Special Edition Series combines the dark and complex with a slightly smoother high end and woody stick definition.

Prototype: 2003

Production Date: 2004

Designed By: Arman & Sarkis Tomurcuk

Handcrafted By: Arman Tomurcuk





Woody stick definition, dry overtones and wash


19" S$390.00

20" S$440.00  

22" S$530.00

24" S$640.00


Lenny White

The Istanbul Agop Lenny White Signature "Epoch" Ride was developed in collaboration with Lenny, and heavily inspired by a ride which was given to Wallace Roney by the late, great Tony Williams that Lenny used to play while working with Wallace. The Epoch Crashes feature a deep, warm, but not overly complex crash with a quick decay due to their flatter profile. The Hi-Hats are heavy and dark, yet easily controlled and have a very clear and pronounced chick.



Lenny White Epoch Ride

22" S$530.00



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